They find pearls on their coasts (Field recording​/​/​2015)

by Malaventura



Released for the Cities and Memory: Utopia project
Create a soundscape about an illustration of Thomas More's Utopia Island
The scene selected is a castle near to the coast. Instantly I thought in a walking on the shore with the background score of the sea, near of an ancient tower. We have plenty of that in my area, Costa del Sol (Málaga), where still survives some medieval towers placed near to the coast that used to work like a surveillance system against the pirate incursions in that age.

I searched in the Thomas More Utopia's for a passage that would fit with that first image and I found this text about jewels and childhood:

"They find pearls on their coasts, and diamonds and carbuncles on their rocks; they do not look after them, but, if they find them by chance, they polish them, and with them they adorn their children, who are delighted with them, and glory in them during their childhood; but when they grow to years, and see that none but children use such baubles, they of their own accord, without being bid by their parents, lay them aside, and would be as much ashamed to use them afterwards as children among us, when they come to years, are of their puppets and other toys."

Every sound I throw inside this soundscape try to talk about this. Castles, pirates, diamonds, children... growing old


released September 16, 2015